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Worksmith improves job management for your entire organization,
and it’s FREE for you to use.


Forget about spending time on the phone following up on leads to get the information you need to decide whether you want a job: our clients submit one-time and recurring requests via the Worksmith app or web portal. You get all of the information you need to evaluate new opportunities and submit your bids easily through the iPhone or Android app. You only pay Worksmith when you win a job that you want to complete. 

Get new jobs without the hassle

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Browse Opportunities and Submit Bids

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Win and
Schedule Jobs

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Confirm Completion and Electronically Invoice

Working with Worksmith is Easy

  • Get notified about jobs in your area: Worksmith lets you know when a client submits an opportunity that might interest you. Get the details of each job request and sort and filter opportunities by location, services, and dates. You can even request a walkthrough if you want before you make your bid.

  • Bid on jobs you want: Bids for one-time and recurring requests are easily submitted via the Worksmith platform. You set the price, and the system calculates in real time Worksmith’s commission, so you know exactly what you will take home if you win the bid and complete the job.

  • Complete Jobs: When your bids are chosen, the app makes it easy to work with clients to schedule the job. Let us know when each job is complete. Rate your client and provide feedback on the job.

  • Electronic receipt: No need for paper invoices. When you click on "Job completed," the system automatically records your electronic receipt.

  • Monthly invoicing: No need to do anything at the end of the month. The Worksmith platform automatically includes your receipt(s) in end-of-month invoices to clients. You can also see your previously paid invoices and soon-to-be paid invoices in the software, so you always know where you stand.